Ncaa Dream Lites Pillow Pets Florida Gators

100% polyester, approx 11" in size plush stuffed animal for little football fans - the starry sky can also be used to pretend they are camping outdoors. Night light that projects the team logo to the ceiling - when turned on, the dream lite will cast out an eye-catching array of stars and the logo. Also alleviates the fear of the dark, giving small children a soothing pattern to fall asleep to.20 Minute timer option - allows for conservation of batteries required (3 aaa). Three different colors of light are rotated to hold attention to calm and drift to sleep. It can help make bedtime fun and something to look forward to. Converts from toy to pillow - the pet transforms into a pillow by releasing the strap underneath, collapsing from a standing position to a square pillow, encouraging downtime. Also makes for a great travel pillow. Officially licensed product